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Ram 6.7L Master Rebuild Kit Alto PowerPacks Billet Triple disk Converter 68RFE


Product Description

68RFE Super Master Rebuild Kit with Alto PowerPacks - Super Heavy Duty Bundle Dodge Ram 6.7L Diesel 
*Price listed includes a refundable $250 core charge
  • Torque Converter - Super Heavy Duty Billet Triple Disk
  • Sonnax Electric Line Pressure Booster
  • Sonnax Smart-Tech Overdrive Housing Kit
  • Alto 2nd Clutch PowerPack
  • Alto 4th Clutch PowerPack
  • Bonded Valve Body Plate
  • Internal Filter
  • Spin On Filter
  • Gasket and Seal Rebuild Kit
  • Piston Set
128757A 2nd Clutch PowerPack
5 x 128702A193 G3 Friction Plates
5 x 128703-160 FNC Steel Plates
1 x 128305A 2nd Clutch Apply Piston




128758A 4th Clutch PowerPack
4 x 128704A200 G3 Friction Plates
4 x 128705-180 FNC Steel Plates
1 x 128765A Stepped Pressure Plate
Sonnax Smart-Tech Overdrive Housing Features:
  • Overdrive/Reverse Housing
  • Bolt-On Anchor Plate
  • Anchor Plate Shims - 2
  • UD/OD Reaction Plate
  • Adapter Sleeve
  • Lip Seal
  • Alto Performance Friction Clutch Plates - 6
  • Steel Clutch Plates - 5
  • Screws - 12
  • Chisel
  • Installation Instructions




Description: Dodge trucks pulling heavy loads or boosted to 400-600HP are at a high risk for overdrive burnup due to the stock transmission's insufficient clutch capacity and fragile OE clutches. Even small amounts of heat and extra torque will push the thin (.034"), single sided clutches over the edge, distorting the clutch pack. The fact is, any distortion of the clutch pack takes the clearance out of spec and makes overdrive clutch burnup inevitable.


Keep hardworking trucks on the road with this Sonnax Smart-Tech Overdrive Housing Kit. The unique billet aluminum housing holds a physically taller clutch pack and increases OD apply area by 16%. Plus, 2X thicker clutches increase clutch pack steel mass by 28% for unrivaled heat dissipation.

This groundbreaking kit is the only top of the line upgrade that eliminates clutch problems without relying on valve body/pump modifications or adding the expense of extra components.


  • Modified housing holds physically larger clutch pack for 20% more clutch capacity
  • 2X thicker steels and double sided clutch pack increase steel mass by 28% for unrivaled heat dissipation
  • Bolt-on anchor plate eliminates clutch pack flexing and distortion that contributes to heat build up
  • 16% more OD apply area for firmer, more controlled shifts
  • Combine with Sonnax Line Pressure Booster Kit RFE-LB1 for even higher levels of performance


Bonded Valve Body Plate is for use with 5 check ball valve bodies only. 
Piston Set includes:
  • UnderDrive Piston
  • Low/Reverse Piston
  • UnderDrive Balance Piston Retainer
  • 4th Clutch Piston
  • 2nd Clutch Piston
Performance Turbo Diesel Torque Converter Dodge Ram 6.7L 68RFE 

When diesel trucks are modified for either racing or street use, OE clutch plates slip and just do not hold. Limited damper capacity further cripples performance. 

Upgrading to an aftermarket multi-plate converter is the only solution.


Enhanced design features include:

  • Fully-machined, forged piston and custom damper rivets won’t bend under extreme lockup pressure.
  • Piston is tested and proven to withstand bending up to 400 psi.
  • Spring end caps limit how far springs compress under load to prevent breakage.
  • Increased oil flow improves cooling and lubrication of clutch plates.
  • Patented piston/damper assembly absorbs up to 1,250 ft-lbs. of torque. That’s nearly twice the stock capacity of the 68RFE.
  • Three solid, non-segmented, high-thermal, high-torque capacity friction elements.
Hand-built one at a time using Billet steel custom components engineered to absorb 1250 pound-feet of torque
Pulling over 10,000 lbs?  Of course you added a tuner or you wouldn't be reading about this converter right now.  So we know you're making more power.   We love to build happiness into every one of our performance heavy duty torque converters.  
This converter is designed specifically for highway hauling, tough grades and all around hard working maximum power torqueing diesel engine applications. 
Whether you're towing a turn over ball 5th wheel, goose neck or bumper pull in excess of 10,000 lbs; We strongly encourage you to use our tried and tested Phoenix Performance triple disk lock up with Billet front cover and optional lower stall stator.  
Backed by our two year warranty because we have pride in our developed methods and chosen materials, especially with our trade partners such as Sonnax, Raybestos, Alto, and so many more.  This diesel torque converter is built with a heavy duty damper assembly for a solid and safe lockup that won't tax your input shaft so heavily as a race application torque converter.  
For questions please call us at 877-stall-tc (877-782-5582) or send us a message to
Thank you.

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