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Super Heavy Duty Diesel Torque Converters

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Diesel Performance is something that’s on every diesel truck lover’s mind. Thoughts on modifications to the modifications you have likely already done such as increased Horse Power, Torque, Capacity, Durability, and longevity, course your veins daily.

I’m a Ram truck guy but I have respect for all manufacturers and their respective Heavy Duty class of diesel 2500, 3500, and 4500 series pickup trucks.

Why Ram? Well because they have a Cummins! And if Allison wasn’t a subsidiary of GM, then we may have been blessed with a durable transmission that could handle the increased Torque and hauling capacity we can easily achieve by modifying our already strong 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins.

The weak link in any modified or hard working Ram truck with a Cummins Engine is the transmission. Let’s first consider the 47RE and 48RE. Folks these automatic 4 speed transmissions were only designed to handle 7 and 8k pound load capacities. And that’s without adding more HP and Torque!! What?!?! I mean the trucks weigh nearly that much empty. Fortunately we have so many great high performance upgrade options available to handle your increased power and load.

Let’s start with the weak design of the OEM torque converter. It comes comes with a paper thin front cover and a single friction disk for lock up. What does this mean? It means with a performance tune under a heavy foot at WOT - whether it be from a 4 wheel drive launch, burnout, or passing that other guy on the highway...well eventually you’re going to burn up the factory converter lock up friction and from there it’s all down hill.

Sound familiar? Maybe you know this already and don’t what to be that guy so you’re planning ahead and making your 47RE or 48RE transmission stronger.

Word of advice. Don’t cheap out on the essential mods that will keep your truck running strong because they are out of sight and out of mind. If you’re making excess power then you will need a drivetrain to support it. A great place to start is right here with your specialists at Phoenix Performance Converters.

We will build you a Super Heavy Duty Billet torque converter. To find out which converter is the best for your build just drop us an email to or call us at 877-Stall-TC and ask for John.