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Custom Stall Journal; Stall Converter #14604, LS1, (2010 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L)

Posted by Monte on

All references in the Custom Stall Journal are from actual builds by Phoenix Transmission Parts Master Builder, JB.

Transmission Application: LS1

Purpose: The purpose of this high-performance stall converter is for the track and road. JB tig welded the fins for added strength to the furnace brazed pump and turbine.

Vehicle Specifications (2010 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L FlexFuel):

  • Horsepower: 800 max with 1000hp Twin Turbo Kit added on
  • BTR Stage 3 Cam specs: 218/224 .553”/.553 113+3
  • Valve Spring Beehive LS6 560” lift
  • 799 Heads
  • 3 Bolt Cam Sprocket
  • Rear end: 3.08 Gear

Description for Stall Converter #14603

  • Flash Stall Speed: 2800-3000
  • B85 11”
  • Billet Cover
  • Flanged, Chrome-moly Impellor Hub
  • 265mm Single Plate Stall Kit
  • 265mm Furnace Brazed Pump
  • 265mm Furnace Brazed Turbine
  • Tig welded Pump and Turbine
  • 265mm 14 Blade OEM Stator

If you need information on a custom build, give us a call at 877-782-5582 with your vehicle’s specifications.