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Custom Stall Journal; Stall Converter #14601, 350 400 30 Spline Powerglide

Posted by Monte on

All references in the Custom Stall Journal are from actual builds by Phoenix Transmission Parts Master Builder, JB.

Transmission Application: 350/400/30 Spline Powerglide

Purpose: The purpose of this high-performance stall converter is for the track only. JB installed a spragless stator, and tig welded the fins for added strength to the furnace brazed pump and turbine.

Vehicle Specifications:

  • Torque: 700 ft lbs
  • Horsepower: 900
  • Rear end: 4-5-6

Description for Stall Converter #14601

  • Flash Stall Speed: 4900-5200
  • 10” Billet Cover
  • Furnace Brazed Pump
  • Furnace Brazed Turbine
  • #6 Pump with 082 Stator
  • Ballooning Plate
  • Spragless Stator
  • Clutch Eliminator, Sonnax part # GM-R-5
  • Tigged fins
  • Built for no mid-plate on the engine
  • Spare parts taken from a 245 mm converter

If you need a custom build, give us a call at 877-782-5582 or send an email to with your vehicle’s specifications.